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Sahib Group is a key stakeholder in adding Green Revolution that begins with the seed, the most decisive input in agriculture. Genetically enhanced premium quality seed has been the hallmark of Sahib for more than two decades, The Company has vast experience in seed production of major agricultural crops backed by a very strong in-house R&D program for crops maize, cotton,sorghum, rice wheat and vegetable crops.

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Our mission is to provide comprehensive agricultural solutions right from sowing to harvest, aimed towards the objective of improving sustainability & profitability of farm holdings through continuous investment in research & development while imbibing strong corporate governance values.



Sahib Group

We Provide High-Quality

Our scared vision is to provide quality pesticides for plant protection, to help farmers by finding appropriate solutions for their problems, and offering optimum use of inputs. Our ultimate aim is to increase agricultural output, help farmers prosper and enable them to contribute to the nation's economy.


Like the earth, we are dependable. We work with integrity of purpose, honesty in action and fairness in all our dealings.


Blazing ahead, like fire. Quick and agile, like fire we constantly strive to work with speed in the way we observe, think and act.


Adaptive, like water. Constantly transforming ourselves like water, we are nimble footed and highly responsive to change.

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