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SAHIB Cadiphos is one of the range of "Foliar Phosphate" products from SAHIB. These concentrated liquid products are designed to provide a fast acting fuel for plant energy, to boost crops during periods of rapid growth or to help crops overcome adverse climatic conditions. SAHIB Cadiphos also contains calcium making it the normal choice for application to fruit crops.

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Foliar application 4-5 ml per liter 
Crops:- Suitable for all crops 

Read All label carefully and adhere strictly to the instructions for use. Co-application is entirely at the risk of the end-use. Before Co-application of products you, or your advisor, must visit for important information. Alternatively, contact SAHIB for specific advice

Keep in cool, dry chemical store, out of reach of children and livestock. Protect  from frost and other climatic extremes. (temperatures exceeding 40oC) Dispose of contents and container in accordance with all local, regional national and international regulations