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SAHIB POTASH is microbial inoculants containing Frateuria aurantia bacteria. During their growth they mobilize Potassium by secreting organic acids which enhances the plant growth and make it available to all crops.
SAHIB POTASH secretes growth hormone to increase crop productivity, soil health and soil fertility.
SAHIB POTASH improves disease and stress tolerance.
Entire content of the pack is to be used in one time only.
Do not mix with bleaching powder, antibiotic, fungicides or weedicides. Apply 7-10 days prior to or after application of chemical fertilizers or fungicides, pesticides or insecticides.
Store it in cool place & prevent it from sunlight.

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Seed/seedling Treatment: Mix 3 ml SAHIB POTASH per kg seed/seedling per litre of water and soak the seed/seedling for 30 minutes and shade dry before sowing. This can be mixed with the other Bio fertilizers and Bio fungicides for seed treatment.

Sett treatment: Mix. 125-250 ml of SAHIB POTASH in 25-30 litres of water and soak the sett for 30 minutes before planting.

Soil Application: Mix SAHIB POTASH 250 ml in 50 litres of water/100 kgs of organic manure or vermicompost and broadcast it evenly in the soil near the root zones.

Foliar spray: Dilute SAHIB POTASH 200 ml in 100 litre of water of dilute or @ 2 ml per litre of water and spray evenly over the foliage and on the soil near the root zones. Repeat the spray at 10 days. This can be mixed along with the other Biofertilizers & Biofungicides for spraying.