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SAHIB POTASH is microbial formulation containing cell mass of potash mobilizing bacteria (Frateuria aurantia) which helps to convert insoluble fixed potash and make it available to the plants. The free living soil bacteria isolated from the rhizosphere and play a vital role to enhance the quality of plant, resist diseases, pest attack and other stress condition. It has been considered as an important input in increasing production of cereals, vegetables and horticultural crops.
Formulation made as per FCO 1985 schedule III [see clause 2(h) and (q)] (Part A) potassium mobilizing Bio-fertilizers.
Potash is essential for formation of starch, production & translocation of sugars and thus special value for sugarcane, potato, beet root. Plants fail to absorb potash even if large quantity is available in the soil as it is in insoluble form.

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4-8 kg/acre

Mix 4-8 kg of SAHIB POTASH with 40-50 kg well decomposed farmyard manure/compost/soil and broadcast it over one acre of land during land preparation or can be applied on the standing crop. In plantation & horticultural crops incorporate this mixture @ 50-100 gm per plant in feeder zone and irrigate the field after its application. There should be enough moisture in the field at the time of application or give light irrigation after application of SAHIB POTASH.

1.    The entire content of the pack should be used at once.
2.    Sufficient moisture must be ensured during application.
3.    Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight & heat.

It is safe to the environment, plants, animals & human beings