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PIK-UP is a biostimulant containing organic carbon, amino acids as well potassium and calcium. PIK-UP enhances plant performance and reduces yield loss caused by a biotic stress conditions. The PIK-UP mechanisms of actions (MOAs)
Organic C: maintains osmotic adjustment and supplies C source to plant under stress. 
K: maintain osmotic potential, improves water use efficiency, promotes protein production, promotes photosynthesis and enhances assimilates translocation.
Ca: maintain cell integrity and membrane stability, involves in stress signaling process and aids sugars translocation. 
Amino Acids: provides protein building blocks, involves in chlorophyl biosynthesis and supports pollination and pollen fertility. 
Improve growth and development. 

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 The best moments to apply PIK-UP are before or during crucial physiological phases (e.g. flowering) and suboptimal environmental conditions (e.g. drought). PIK-UP is recommended for Mango, Sugarcane, Mentha, Guava, Soybean, Wheat, Banana, Coffee, eucalyptus, Sunflower & Beans.

PIK-UP is most suitable for foliar application. The number of applications & timing depends on the crop, however application at the time of flowering, fruit-setting, ripening are the most important. Apply with dose rate 1-2 L/ha, for more details on application refer attached PIK-UP insert for each crop. 

The liquid formulation of SAHIB is suitable for foliar applications. Shake well before use. 

PIK-UP is a biological product, fully biodegradable and residue-free. 

KEEP LOCKED AWAY AND OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. No special storage conditions required. Store in the closed, original container in a dry, cool, well ventilated area out of  direct sunlight.