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CLICK Contains Humic acid which is extracted from decomposed organic matter. In addition, it also contains Nitrogen, phosphorus , Sulphur, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc and other micro nutrients CLICK accelerates germination by stimulating enhanced respiration, which leads to better root and shoot growth in seedlings. Plants grown in acidic and calcareous soils have problem of up-take of phosphorus from soil. This problem is solved by chelating action of CLICK contents of CLICK can be broadly grouped to humic group and Fulvic group which are two most important products of microbial degradation of plant and animal debris in the Soil.

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The best moments to apply CLICK are before or during crucial physiological phases (e.g. flowering) and suboptimal environmental conditions (e.g. drought). CLICK is recommended for Soybean, Wheat, Paddy, Sugarcane, Banana, Coffee, eucalyptus, Sunflower & Beans

As soil application: It can be applied to soil by mixing with other fertilizer at the rate of one litre per acre or dissolve on litre of CLICK in 200 litres of water and spray on ploughed soil of one acre area.