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KALA -303 is potassium humate with 100% bio-active humic acids. It is a water soluble high quality plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner specially for sandy and clay soils. It can be applied for agricultural and horticultural plants, fruits, flowering plants, turf and pasture for soil and foliar application. It is a permanent humic substance and can not be degraded that fast by the micro- organisms of the soil. It can be used together with or without most fertilizer and micronutrients. It can enhance the performance of fertilizers and reduce input-cost.

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Dosage: Apply KALA -383 500-1000gm. per acre per year, on soils poor in organics and or on sandy soil 1-1.5kg. per acre per year. It is recommended to use it more frequently but in rather small application rate. Foliar application (Boomspray/ Sprinkler/ Overhead irrigation) for Hydroponics, use 1 gm per Ltr. of nutrients solution. When changing nutrients add 1/2gm. per liter or nutrient solution. Use throughout the entire growth cycle to promote improved nutrients update.