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Sahib Tebaxil is a systemic fungicide containing containing tebuconazole active, ingredients, balance auxiliaries, and inert material. On account of its systemic properties tebuconazole used as a seed dressing, controls pathogens adhering to the surface of the seed as well as those developing inside the grain. It shows excellent effectiveness against loose smut & flag smut of wheat.

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Plant Protection Equipment: Manually/Mechanically operated seed dressing rotating drum. Seed Treatment: Any small dressing rotating drum by mixing a quantity of seed can be readily treated by mixing in the proper amount of fungicide and seed in a closed container. Full the seed until each grain is uniformly coated with fungicide.

1. Keep away from foodstuff, empty foodstuff containers & animals) food. 

2. Avoid contact with mouth, eyes & skin. 

3. Avoid inhalation. 

4. Wash thoroughly the contaminated clothes and parts of the body after use. 

5. Do not smoke, drink, eat and chew anything while using 

6. Wear full protective clothing while mixing with the seed.

Weakness, Fatigue, and Dyspnea may occur.

1. The packages containing the fungicide shall be stored in separate rooms or premises, away from the rooms or premises used for storing other articles, or shall be kept in separate almirahs under lock and key depending upon the quantity and nature of the fungicide. 

2. The rooms or premises meant for storing the fungicide shall be well-built, well-lit, dry, well-ventilated, and of sufficient dimension to avoid contamination with water vapor.

First Aid:

1. If swallowed, induce vomiting by tickling the back of the throat. Repeat until the vomit is clear. Do not induce vomiting if the patient is unconscious. 

2. If clothing and skin are contaminated, remove the cloths and wash the contaminated skin with copious amounts of soap and water. 

3. If eyes are contaminated, flush with plenty of saline/clean water for about 10 to 15 minutes. 

4. If inhaled, remove the patient to fresh air. 

Antidote: No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically