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Sahib Billa is a systemic insecticide containing Thiacloprid active ingredient balance auxiliaries and inert material. It is used as a foliar spray for the control of sucking and some other important insects in different crops.

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Crop(s)Common Name of PestDosage/HADilution in Water (Litre)

Waiting Period between last spray to harvest

Last & harvest(in days)

Re-entry after each Applicatio n (In Hours)



Formulation (ml.)
CottonAphid, Thrips, Jassid24-30100-12550052 
TeaMosquito bug903754007 
PaddyStem borer12050050030 
BrinjalShoot and fruit borer1807505005 


0.012% (9.6-12

g a.i./ 100 lit water)

0.04%- 0.05% (40-

50 ml / 100 lit water)

As per need40 
SoybeanGirdle beetle18075050017 


Apple - Use water as required depending upon the size of the tree and spraying equipment used. Time of Application A hand-operated knapsack sprayer or foot sprayer is recommended. Tractor mounted sprayer can also be used.

Avoid inhalation and skin contact while diluting because of spillages or splashes. The user should use full protective clothing which includes rubber gloves rubber boots and a face mask.

Apathy, Myotonia, Tremors, Difficult Breathing & Myospasms.

The packages or surplus material and washings shall be stored in separate rooms or premises, away from the rooms or premises used for storing other articles, or shall be kept in separate almirahs under lock and key depending upon the nature and quantity of the insecticide. The rooms meant for storing insecticides shall be well-built, dry well fit and ventilated, and of sufficient dimension.

First Aid 

If the product gets into the eyes, rinse it out immediately with plenty of water. In case of poisoning measure blood pressure and pulse rate frequently. Since bradycardia and heart action is recommended. Eliminate the active ingredient through gastric leverage and saline laxatives. If inhaled take the victim to open air. Wash the affected part with plenty of water. 

Antidote There is no known specific antidote. Follow the attached directions. Treat symptomatically.