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Diafenthiuron 50% WP is a Broad Spectrum Insecticide. It paralyses the pest which remain immobile on the crop until
death in about 3-4 days. It is recommended for its use to control Whiteflies, Aphids, Thrips, Jassids in Cotton and
Diamond Back Moth (DBM) in Cabbage. It contains 500 g. Diafenthiuron as an active ingredient in a kg of the product

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Measure our required quantity of the product and mix it well with a small quantity of water. Add the remaining quantity of water as specified with thorough agitation for total coverage of crops with suitable sprayer.

Do not use cooking utensils for preparing sprays. Use stick for stirring the spray solution. Wear hand gloves to avoid
contact with the skin. Also avoid inhalation and contact with eyes. Wear protective clothing, mask, goggles, boots
while spraying and do not expose yourself to spray drift. Do not blow nozzles with mouth. Do not eat, drink or smoke
while handling or applying the product. Do not store unused spray solution. Clean sprayers, buckets and other
utensils with water daily after use. Wash hands with soap and plenty of water and change clothes after the work is
over. Also wash the contaminated clothes. Do not contaminate streams, ponds, waterways etc. by discharging
leftover spray materials into them or by cleaning sprayers, contaminated buckets etc. in them. Do not spray when
bees are active. In case of any sign of poisoning, immediately consult the doctor.

Poisoning may cause symptoms of subdued behavious, prostration, lethargy, piloerection, headache, gidiness, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, sweating, excessive lacrimination &

1. The packages containing the insecticides should be stored in original containers in separate rooms
or premises away from the rooms or premises used for storing other articles, particularly, articles of food or shall
be kept in separate almirahs under lock and key. 2. The rooms or premises meant for storing the insecticide shall
be well built, dry, well lit and ventilated and of sufficient dimensions to avoid contamination with vapour.

No specific antidote is known. Apply symptomatic therapy.