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Sahib Vankar - 80 is a unique combination of a new generation phenyl pyazole compound. Fipronil and a nconicotinoid, Thiamethoxam. The combination product formulation presents excellent synergism through contact, systemic and residual activity on the target pests. Fipronil which remains on the surfaced of the plants. Thiamethoxam is translocated in plants and provide long term inherent protection against target insects-pest. It is a safe to use formulation.

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Crop(s)Common Name of PestDosage/HADilution in Water in water (liter)Waiting Period between last spray to harvest (days)Re-entry after each Applicatio n (In Hours)



Formulation (gm)
RiceBrown plant hopper, Green leaf hopper, White backed plant hopper44 + 44110050045 


Method of application : It should be applied as foliar spray. No specific soil and condition are prescribed. Uniform coverage is necessary for effective control of insects-pests. A simple knapsack sprayer fitted with hollow cone nozzle type can be used for spraying. Shake well before use
Warning :-
1. Not to be used on crops and pests other than mentioned on label and leaflet.
2. No to be used for post harvest application.
3. Do not spray during active bee for aging period of the day
4. More toxic to fish, hence harmful to aquatic organism therefore, not be used near aquaculture and rice-fish farming. Do not contaminate lakes, rivers, ponds and streams.

Protective clothing should be worn while mixing and spraying. Wash contaminated clothes and body parts of the body after application. Avoid inhalation. Do not smoke, drink, eat and chew anything during application.

It may causes irritability, lethargy and muscle tremors and in extreme cases possibly convulsions may occur. Decrease spontaneous movement, tonic conclusion, ptosis may occur.

1. The packages containing insecticide shall be stored in separate rooms or premises away from the rooms or premises used for storing other articles particularly food articles or shall be kept in separate almirahs under lock and key depending upon the quantity and nature of the insecticide. Keep out of reach of children.
2. The store rooms should be well built well lit, well ventilated and of sufficient dimensions. The conditions of the store should be dry and cool.

No specific antidote is known. Apply symptomatic therapy.